"Radiant City Church" ... why THIS name?

- Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy ~ Psalm 34:5

- The Son is the radiance of the glory of God, the exact imprint of His nature

~ Hebrews 1:1-3

- Christ … presents her to Himself as a radiant church ~ Ephesians 5:27

Radiant City Church is a community of people who exist for the glory of God, to shine light on the greatness of God in everything but what we want to say is that we're all about Jesus -- we'd much rather you be impressed with Him than with anyone else.


Following the life and teachings of Jesus, we find our identity and life rhythm in Who God is and What He does, therefore we focus on two things:

Identity (Who we are)

We are a family group of missionaries sent by God to specific neighbourhoods of people.  We call these groups City Group - a neighbourhood group of people in the neighbourhood for the neighbourhood - a family of missionary servant learners - integrating church with life

Rhythm (How we live)

We want to be the Church all the time instead of going to church some of the time.  Everyone lives life.  We choose to radically reorient our lives for others by living out the gospel in real and tangible expressions.  As we eat and play and celebrate and struggle and journey together, we listen to our stories and find our place in God’s great story.


We would invite any Christ follower to “come and see” as Jesus put it. To explore the mission that is RCC, to join a City Group and to journey with us in this missional life.

There are two ways that we try to "make disciples" and positively provoke "missional people:"

  • Meet with people who are more of a "team together" in their neighbourhood. These people have physically moved into close proximity with each other, in a specific neighbourhood. If you meet with this group, resist the feeling of being an outsider "parachuting into something," because we're all insiders to God. Or...
  • Meet weekly with people who come from and live in their own individual neighbourhoods and are figuring out what moving into their own neighbours' lives looks like, ie. becoming missionaries where you already live.

The bottom line is that we passionately believe God has called us to call believers in Jesus to a high standard of seeing the mission of bringing glory to God by making disciples as a core mission of one's life. What happens on Sunday contributes greatly to that vision but what happens in community with others is where it gets fleshed out in the every day of real life living.