Saturday, June 11, 2016 was Neighbour Day throughout Kitchener Waterloo, a great city initiative to meet people and share a few hours together.

Did you take the opportunity to enjoy the shared experience? It was wonderful! So much of the best of our community: friendship, working together, experiencing fun together, in a word: love. Everywhere you looked, there was genuine value and active honour being placed on people who were not necessarily family or even close friends, but rather relative strangers. Our only common denominator is that we all co-exist and do life on these streets of our city. Therefore, we are related; that makes us neighbours.

While we hope the "Love your neighbour" sentiment of Neighbour Day continues all year long, you and I can do our active part to ensure it happens. Love your neighbour is not only a sentiment, it is a new way to be human. It is the way Jesus challenged us to live. It is the horizon aspect of the complete "T" that Jesus was about: vertical - Love God, horizontal - Love your neighbour. Let's live complete lives by doing both.