A Prayer on our 150th Anniversary! Written by a friend named David. Happy Birthday Canada!

Eternal God, Lord of history, today and tomorrow, thank you for the great gift that Canada is for us, for the spacious geography, for the abundance of water and land, for the forests and rivers, for the seasons, especially the warmth of summer.

We thank you for the first nations to whom you entrusted this land for hundreds of years before the rest of us arrived and what they have to teach us about respecting the earth and its waters.  We thank you for the opportunity to welcome people from other nations to make their home here with us. Thank you for the mosaic of cultures and traditions that make up this nation today and for the laws that keep us safe and make us a stable nation.  We thank you for the freedom to speak, to travel, to assemble, to study and to work as we please.  Thank you for the freedom to worship and to raise our families in peace and opportunity.

We thank you for those who for 150 years have served as law-makers, peace-keepers, teachers, artists and industrialists, making us the nation we are today, for the decades of social and economic progress, for our health-care system and so many other gifts of common grace.  We give special thanks for those who have preached and taught your word, who planted churches who have raised children to teach the next generation to love and serve you across the world.  I personally bless you for campus ministries and camps, for the work of EFC, Christian Direction, Visions Ministries and others like them who strengthen the church across Canada to extend your reign.  Thank you especially for Jesus who teaches us how to truly love the world in which we live without being seduced by it.

We confess that in many ways we have fallen short of the privilege you have entrusted to us.  We are a fragmented nation.  So we pray that you will pour out your Spirit on us to be a transformed people who will serve the nation as salt and light.  Make us people of the Cross showing the community around us the unsearchable riches of knowing Jesus as Lord.

We pray that you will have mercy upon this land and make Canada to be a true refuge for millions, a land of shalom, a model of repentance, of reconciliation and of grace.  We pray in the name of the Prince of Peace, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

David Knight, Waterloo, ON