Apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers. These are five ancient words written in a letter to a community of faith filled people in ancient Ephesus by a man named Paul. Beyond the more rigorously specific definitions of these words are the modern outward expressions of ideas contained within these same words. Maybe you can find yourself in these expressions.

  • The apostle gift often plays itself out in people who lead businesses or start new ventures.
  • The prophet gift is sometimes at work in artists and musicians or in those who highlight social justice issues that need a voice.
  • The evangelism gift displays itself in those who have the great ability to convince others. Great salespeople have an expression of this gift.
  • The shepherd gift is at play in good counselors or in other helping professions.
  • The teaching gift is seen in those who are good at training or teaching.

Do you identify with one of these expressions? Would you consider taking a risk and asking God to show you why you have this gift expression and how it might grow and develop for the purpose of making a greater positive difference in the world? Jesus exhibited all five of these gifts with amazing evenness and capability. Getting to know Jesus through reading about Him in the Bible books of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John will help you discover why you may have these gift expressions and how best to use them. Why not take another step?