How To Live The Mission

Connecting through RHYTHMS

Radiant City Church lives in neighbourhoods where we find common connection with people; we all live by certain “rhythms of life.” As people, we are good at “journey;” not so good at “destination” or even what direction to head. Life rhythms help us journey in community toward God.

These rhythms of life are how we reorient our lives in the neighbourhood, all the while with gospel intentionality, so that we become a picture of God’s people in the everyday - not an event, but an everyday life.

To easily remember and live by these rhythms, the following is the awkward acronym we developed:  S-C-L-E-R-B-P

Story-Formed: The Story of God intersects everyone’s story. More than we know, it forms our story. As we listen to and embrace our friends, we look for how God has been at work in people as they tell their stories:

       How has God been a “Creator” in someone’s story?

       What part does the “Fall” play in any broken places?

       Who or what “Redeems” negative or difficult circumstances?

       What does “Restoration” look like?

Celebration: Everyone has a birthday, most people obtain new jobs, graduate from something, marry, have a baby, get a driver’s license, etc. We celebrate with people at these significant life border crossings.

Listen: Everyone has a story.  We invite friends to share theirs’ and actively listen to peoples’ stories.

Eat: Unless someone is sick or intentionally staying away from food, everyone eats about 21 meals a week. We try to eat at least one or more meals in community with others every week.

Recreation: People fill their emotional tank in various ways. In a community of people, there is bound to be some overlap. We look for ways to recreate with others instead of alone.

Bless: We are so blessed here in Canada! We are learning to bless others through the blessing we receive. It all belongs to God, before and after we manage it. We use things to help people experience a God Who blesses us, to bless others.

Pray: People talk to God. We encourage it. Through prayer around a circle for our neighbours, prayer walks through our neighbourhoods, or personal contemplation on the Person God is, we nurture people who pray.