Who we are

We exist to bring glory to God by demonstrating and declaring Jesus by moving into our neighbourhoods & people groups with gospel intentionality.


Our Mission

To bring glory to God by making disciples of Jesus.


Our Vision

To demonstrate and declare Jesus by moving into our neighbourhoods and people groups with gospel intentionality.


Our Identity

1. God is Worthy of Worship therefore…

We are Worshippers of God  ||  Father, Son, and Spirit


2. God is a Father therefore…

We are Family of God  ||  neighbourhood community


3. God is a Sending Being therefore…

We are Missionaries of God  ||  declare and display


4a. God is a Great Leader / Jesus is King therefore…

We are Servants of God  ||  hear and obey­­

4b. The Holy Spirit is Teacher therefore…

We are Learners of God  ||  disciple and reproduce


5. God Listens & Answers therefore…

We are Praying People of God  ||  dependent and reliant


6. God is Creator and creative therefore…

We are Creation of God  ||  creative and risk-taking


Our Values

1. We value all-encompassing Jesus-centred worship

Worshipping Jesus Christ happens through life, work, music, prayer, dancing, and giving. Giving glory to God is part of our DNA, as it was with Jesus Himself (John 17:1-5). All other values are temporarily restricted by earthly life, however praising God and giving Him glory is everlasting and therefore is foundational for all other values (Ps 34:3; Mark 12:30; Acts 2:42; Rev 21:11, 23-27).

2. We value authentic Jesus-centred neighbourhood family & community

We believe the most effective way to demonstrate and declare the message of Jesus is with those life happens alongside. Like Jesus, who came down to dwell among us, to live in proximity to us, we believe this is the most effective way we can live as well.

3. We value boldly declaring a Jesus-centred message

Don’t think only preaching, though the act of publicly declaring the Gospel is of high value for us. We believe the declaration of the Gospel happens in the everyday. We believe Jesus is the only way and therefore will share His message without shame and without apology with hope that it radically transforms lives (2 Tim 4:2-5; Luke 4:43; Acts 2:42).

4. We value constantly planting Jesus-centred churches

Jesus calls His followers to “make disciples” (Matt 28:19). We plant and build churches but God makes them grow (1 Cor 3:6, 10-11). We are God’s field, God’s building, and we are told to multiply. We believe the most effective approach to multiply is through regularly giving birth. 

5. We value relentless Jesus-centred prayer

“Pray without ceasing” (1 Thess.1:17). Jesus prayed relentlessly (Lk 6:12, Lk 11, John 17). The apostles devoted themselves to pray (Acts 2:42). Paul prayed regularly (Phil 1). Praise and petition are vital for a life with Jesus Christ, and as such, prayer is vital for us (James 5:13-16).

6. We value creative Jesus-centred risk-taking

We seek to use innovative means to teach Christ-centered ends, always willing to take risks to reach an ever-changing culture. To reach this fast-paced culture, it requires not only being up-to-date, but acting as leaders for our culture. To do so, we must be willing to take risks to be all things to all people (1 Cor 9:19-23).