The Power of Blessing - Part TWO

The Power of Blessing.png

Referencing Craig Hill’s SEVEN STAGES of BLESSINGS, Terry & Melissa have developed Major Life Questions that pinpoint the practical questions and answers we need at every stage of our development in order to receive the required blessings. The Blessings explored here are not material blessings per se, but rather spiritual blessings – the divine downloads we all require if we are going to experience a satisfying life journey.

We will look at the first of the seven stages here, then one after the next in each of the following posts.

1. At Conception: Am I wanted & welcome in this world?

Your life didn't begin on your 'birth day,' it began on your 'earth day,' the day you were conceived. Lies of rejection can be planted at conception. Maybe you were "not in your parents' plans" and news of "you" was met with "Oh no! I'm pregnant!"   However, God was intimately involved on that day, regardless of the circumstances of your conception. God released 'spirit' into the creative mix. Psalm 139:16 says that "all the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be." If you have ever struggled with a sense of not belonging and ever had a question about why you were born, then receive the news, which is also the truth, in the depth of your heart: "WELCOME! YOU BELONG HERE!" May these words of welcome and truth powerfully displace and erase any lies you might have believed. You are wanted & welcome in this world.

A Blessing re: the time of Conception may look like this:

* We bless the day of your conception. Welcome to this world!

* We bless your uniqueness. Out of the hundreds of millions of possible combinations from your parents' DNA, God determined that you would be you.

* We bless the timing of your arrival on earth. God wants you here for this time and for His purpose. He gave your spirit to be made alive on earth at exactly the right time.

* We bless your destiny. Before the foundation of the earth, you existed in the mind and heart of God. All the days of your life were ordained before one of them came to be (Psalm 139:16).

* We bless your home on earth and your eternal home. The same Heavenly Father Who sent your spirit to earth is waiting to welcome you to Himself one day. May your time on earth include a rich relationship with Jesus.